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ceramika Bolesławiec, porcelana Bolesławiec
Original, handmade, hand painted and stamped

Polish Pottery

Polish pottery
Characteristic of Pottery from Bolesławiec

Pottery for very long time is a top brand of Bolesławiec, a polish city in Lower Silesia. Produced from the beginning of the nineteenth century till today has not changed its original unique character. People from all over the world admire its folk design. While kenading and burning technology has changed slightly over the years, its unique apperance has survived to this day in its original form. Each piece of ware is hand-painted or stamped. In this way, each product is original and unique in its own way.


The production and usage

All ceramic vessels and other products are made from stoneware. Formed, then hand-painted and burned at temperatures over 1250 degrees Celsius. High burning temperature and painting makes ware thermoproof and ideal for food serving or storage. Applied paints are free of any harmful or radioactive substances. Ceramic dishes can be washed in automatic dishwashers.



Boleslawiec pottery is exclusive tableware and kitchen decor. It could be a great and unusual gift idea for mother, father, grandmother or grandfather. Boleslawiec Ceramics is ideally suited as a gift for Christmas, wedding gift or any anniversary gift. Ceramics from Boleslawiec can be the pride of the private house, as well as cafes or restaurants.


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